video editor for travellers
Wrap your videos into a beautiful story with one button
Your countless videos turned into impressive story in seconds
Capture your moments
Set dates or locations
Press The Button
Export and share
How it works
Shoot videos and take photos. Use our tips for a better content.
Watch your bits and pieces being automatically organised by the app. Piligram will select good shots and ged rid of all the unnecessary ones.
AI will make a well-edited video out of your content instantaneously. You're free to make a tweaks and adjust the video as you like.
Share your stunning stories in one click. Save videos or upload it to social networks right from Piligram.
The application algorithm automatically detects geo-data of your photos and videos and uses them to create features and embed them into the story. For example, a graphic flight from one city to another.
Smart features are automatically embedded into your video
All your travell stories in the app
Never loose your memories. Piligram saves all the stories inside the app. You can export it any time to share, or you can come back to polish your video.
After collecting photos and videos from your trip, the one-button video editor makes a professional-looking movie. Share it as it is or use an intuitive editor to tweak transitions, play around with the order of fragments, music, filters, or titles. You can add your route to the movie. When you change places, all your routes are automatically added to the story next to relevant videos.
Use AI as a professional editor
Tune the content and apply filters
You can edit each frame individually. Choose a filter for video or photo. Edit videos using trim, adjust, play speed, play mode functions. Adjust photos using crop, adjust, and exposure functions. You can increase or decrease the photo display time using the duration function.